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Category Archives: Workouts

The Throwback Workout Playlist

Pump & grind to the bangers of the early 2000’s.

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Coachella Inspired Workout Playlist

Still riding that festival high? Move your body in or out of the gym to the top tracks of this year’s Coachella lineup.

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Full Body Moves that will Never Fail you

Effective moves to always have in your back pocket.

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Sweat ‘N’ Spin Playlist

Whether you’re climbing a hill or cruising on flat terrain, this cycling playlist will motivate you to turn up that tension and spin even harder.

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Park Bench Workout

Beat seasonal depression and work up a sweat outside.

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Sweat it or Skip it?

When to work out and when to rest.

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Let’s Get Physical – 80’s Workout Playlist

Grab your leg warmers and your Sweet Sweat.

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Move Over HIIT? Choosing between HITT and LISS training.

In an effort to encourage mental and physical strength while social distancing, we’re kicking off a weekly roundup of our favorite workouts (no gym required) courtesy of our incredible community.

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Sweat ‘N’ Run Playlist

Heading out for a run? Here’s a playlist to push you through that extra mile.

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Let’s Sweat! Bingo

Your workout inspiration is delivered- down, across, or diagonal.

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