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Category Archives: Workouts

The Summer Olympics Series: Boxing

In the spirit of the original Ancient Olympics—I tried boxing.

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Bad Gym Habits You Can Fix Today

Check out these three common workout mistakes and how to rectify them instantly.

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Gyms Reopening? Here’s How to Return Stronger than Ever.

It’s been almost two years since I stepped foot into a gym—and about one month ago, I broke my streak. I’ve compiled some tricks to help you make your own gym rat comeback.

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Kettlebell Workout For Beginners

Grab your Sweet Sweat. Inside or outside, this full-body toning workout is guaranteed to get you sweaty!

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Fitness Goals That Aren’t a Marathon

Nothing against marathons, but sometimes running 26.2 miles just isn’t one’s dream in life. Here are some of my favorite fitness goals to help inspire yours.

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The Benefits of Resistance Training

From balance and dexterity to mental health—here are some scientifically-backed reasons to consider pumping the iron

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The Ultimate Gym Essentials Checklist

Now that we’re back in full gym-seshing swing, we may need a refresher on what we need to pack (our gym bags have gotten a bit dusty, after all)

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Fall Gym Fit Inspo

Because this season isn’t just for sweaters.

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Sculpt and Tone Yoga

There’s nothing better than a workout that tones and sculpts your body. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a chill workout like yoga, but you want it to be impactful. Grab the new Toned Sweet Sweat Yoga Mat, Toned Mini…

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Finding Your Strength Training Soulmate

Strength training is important (and if you want to know why, check out this article). If, however, you struggle with finding the motivation to pump the iron—allow me to quote my mom after my last breakup when I swore to never date again: “It doesn’t mean you don’t like dating, it just means you haven’t … View Full Story
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