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Where It’s Used

You can find Sweet Sweat used for a multiple of sports, training regimes and excercise. Below are a few Sweet Sweat UK can help optimise any training programme with:


This is why many of the top Wrestlers and MMA fighters use Sweet Sweat to safely and effectively cut weight. MMA wrestling trainer and Olympic hopeful Kenny Johnson teaches his students to use Sweet Sweat in combination with his revolutionary BOLT Wrestling program, to help cut weight without zapping all your energy.

Maximise Your Workout

Sweet Sweat is a revolutionary workout enhancer used by amateur and professional athletes for over 30 years to help aid in maximizing their workout.* To maximize calorie burning, your body needs to sustain thermogenic action without overheating the muscles that you’re exercising. Sweet Sweat helps improve your overall performance through vasodilation, the process wherein blood vessels relax and widen to improve the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the applied areas.*


Maximize your CrossFit workout by using Sweet Sweat. Sweet Sweat helps increase your energy by improving circulation and vasodilation while you CrossFit.* Improving circulation means more oxygen and nutrients to help fuel exercise, and more efficient removal of metabolic by-products such as lactic acid. In the context of tissue healing, vasodilation is desired to encourage better repair and regeneration of tissues after the stage of acute and active swelling has concluded. The increased blood flow encourages the re-establishment and reactivation of capillary beds around the injured parts. This ensures the enhancement of delivery of nutrients for the consistent and continuous reconstitution and laying down of tissues for healing. Using Sweet Sweat can therefore aid in rehabilitation as well.* CrossFit is definitely one of the best thermogenic workouts ever.

Body Building

Remember not to rub Sweet Sweat into the skin, but rather “coat” desired areas.

Do not use any creams or lotions on the skin when using Sweet Sweat. Lotions and creams can create a barrier on top of the skin preventing Sweet Sweat from working properly.

How to remove product

Bodybuilding experts agree that lack of knowledge can lead to loss rather than gain when it comes to muscle growth. So aside from learning the basic principles that lead to maximum muscle mass, it is also important to explore options that can optimize your bodybuilding workouts. As an advanced workout enhancer, Sweet Sweat dramatically improves circulation and targeted sweating to enhance muscle activity so you can fight muscle fatigue.* Furthermore, increase circulation actually decreases the time it takes for the muscles to warm up. The increased blood flow removes stiffness alloying muscle tissues to become more elastic, reducing the risk of overstretching or tearing of fibers and connective tendons.

Warmed up muscles also move faster and generate force more effectively than “cold muscles” making your workout more efficient. In a nutshell, Sweet Sweat can help make working out feel easier, while simultaneously reducing your risk of sustaining injuries including aches, cramps, and muscle pulls.* We guarantee that the more you use Sweet Sweat, the more you will feel the effects of an optimized exercise routine.*

Accelerate Fat Loss

Developed by three-time national champion at USC and Chicago Cub draftee Jeff Pedersen, Sweet Sweat is an advanced fitness product designed to accelerate your results by substantially improving circulation and sweating.* Aside from improving circulation and vasodilation, Sweet Sweat’s mechanism of action leads to multiple benefits including the release of accumulated toxins, decreased risk of injuries, and improved recovery time so that you can exercise harder, longer, better.*

Fat Loss For Women

Made from powerful antioxidants and nourishing oils such as Jojoba, Tocopheryl acetate, pomegranate, acai and aloe vera, Sweet Sweat helps promote circulation and energy during exercise.* Doing the right intense workout will help accelerate thermogenesis, a process where heat energy is produced through physical activity.

For women who are looking to burn fat fast or shave those extra inches off their waist, thigh, arms, etc., you’ll be happy to know that weightlifting is one of the best ways to shape these areas. Sweet Sweat workout enhancer is effective in targeting “slow to respond” problem areas, improving circulation and energy during your exercise.* Cellulite begins when excess fat accumulates in these problem areas. Improving circulation helps minimize the appearance of the orange peel look.

Enjoy the many benefits of Sweet Sweat by checking out our products page and ordering your first jar, packet, or stick today!

Fat Loss For Men

Depending on your take on eating right, exercising, and adopting some changes in your lifestyle, you’ll either find the process of losing belly fat tedious or exciting. Of course, fat loss would be so much easier if you can muster enough enthusiasm for what it entails. But in case you have hit that plateau, you’ll be glad to know that there is one product that you can consider as the ultimate partner and motivator in your quest for a lean, fit body!

As a workout enhancer, Sweet Sweat is formulated with natural and kosher jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, as well as powerful antioxidants including acai, pomegranate, and vitamin E to help improve circulation and vasodilation during exercise.* Because of the improved circulation and energy during exercise, Sweet Sweat may aid in the reduction of injuries, preventing aches, cramps, and muscle pulls, so you can work for longer at the intensity that’s needed to help fight stubborn fat.*

Contact Sports

Sweet Sweat is a revolutionary workout enhancer that has been used by amateur and professional athletes for over three decades. It was developed by fitness expert Jeff Pedersen, a three-time NCAA champion in baseball with the USC Trojans. Pedersen developed Sweet Sweat to boost the workout programs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, making training easier and helping them reach the next level of fitness.

*Sweet Sweat products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen and using Sweet Sweat products.

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