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Thermogenic imaging demonstrates how sweet sweat targets specific areas of your body.

Ever since the first version of Sweet Sweat, the thermogenic workout enhancer, was formulated by Jeff Pedersen, Sr. in the late 1970s, the product has been re-tested on a daily basis for almost four years until it was deemed effective enough and ready to be shared with the fitness community.

One of the best ways to prove that a product is effective is to constantly put it to the test. Sweet Sweat makes its case as one of the most tested fitness products in the market today as it regularly makes the rounds in major fitness expos in the United States and other parts of the world, inviting visitors to try it and feel the difference. Many of these visitors have become loyal Sweet Sweat users after being convinced by the demonstrations.

Sweet Sweat Boosts Thermogenic Action During Exercise to Help You Burn Fat Fast

Thermogenesis simply means the creation of heat in your body. Increasing thermogenesis speeds up your metabolism, with fat being burned as energy to support the thermogenic action. There are three kinds of thermogenesis: thermoregulation, diet-induced thermogenesis, and exercise-induced thermogenesis.

Thermoregulation or thermoregulatory thermogenesis occurs when your skeletal muscles cause your body to shiver in order to produce the heat needed to regulate your core temperature. Diet-induced thermogenesis is the generation of heat in response to the need for more energy to digest a large meal. Exercise-induced thermogenesis occurs as a response to physical activity. Heat is needed by your muscles because warm muscles function more effectively than cold muscles.

Regular exercise is the ideal way to boost thermogenesis. Your muscles burn calories to provide energy for muscle contraction. A substantial amount of calories is burned as heat. This is why your body temperature increases when you exercise and why you start sweating. Exercise can help you burn fat fast by allowing you to build muscle and by increasing your basal metabolic rate, the amount of calories that your body needs to burn as energy when it is at rest.

Sweating during and after exercise is a sign that your body is generating heat and your workout has the right intensity level. Sweet Sweat greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process when you exercise. Like all bodily functions that require energy, SWEATING HELPS BURN CALORIES.

Many people have difficulty breaking a good sweat on their problem areas like the arms, legs, thighs, and waist. Applying Sweet Sweat to these targeted areas in your body before you exercise boosts thermogenic action to help enhance your ability to burn fat fast. Sweet Sweat also helps increase circulation so you can warm up better, recover faster, and exercise longer, increasing the effectiveness of your workouts and improving your results.

*Sweet Sweat products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen and using Sweet Sweat products.

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