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Which Waist Trimmer is Right for me?

With so many designs, colors, and bundles to choose from, it can be tough to decide which is the best Waist Trimmer for you. Everyone has a different workout style and taste, which can make it tough to find a product that fits you. Don’t fret, here we have your ultimate guide to our Waist Trimmers to help you decide which Trimmer is right for you.

Classic Fit Waist Trimmer
What you're looking for: Flexibility and comfort.

Workout style: Cardio fanatic, yogi, or high movement workouts.

Your Trimmer Options: Original, Matte, Neon, & Toned.

The Classic Fit Waist Trimmer is available in multiple collections. Here's a quick breakdown:

Original - Black & Pink or Black & Yellow ; includes a free sample of Sweet Sweat gel
Matte - Matte Black or Army Green ; arrives in a tube for easy travel, and a mesh bag for washing and storing the waist trimmer
Neon - Neon Green, Yellow, Blue or Pink ; arrives in a tube for easy travel, and a mesh bag for washing and storing the waist trimmer
Toned - Quartz, Stone, Sand, Clay, Terra ; arrives in our latest trimmer packaging and includes a mesh bag for washing and storing. Complete the set with our Arm and Thigh Trimmers, now available in 3 sizes and all 5 Tones for superior sweat.
Pro Series & Paige Hathaway Collection
What you're looking for: Extra support and extra sweat.

Workout style: HIIT workouts, strength training, or low impact cardio.

Your Trimmer Options: Pro Series and Paige Hathaway

Both of these trimmers include extra straps which provide additional support, and allow the Trimmer to change as your body does.

Here's a quick breakdown of each trimmer:

Pro Series- Black & White or Black & Pink ; available a la carte
Paige Hathaway - All Blue ; available in a bundle which includes a Citrus Mint Sweet Sweat stick and our Trimmer Cleaning Spray


Xtra Coverage Waist Trimmer
What you're looking for: Extra sweat and full coverage.

Workout style: Both full range movement workouts and low impact, strength training workouts.

Your Trimmer Option: Xtra Coverage Waist Trimmer.

The Xtra Coverage has everything you love about the Original Waist Trimmer, now with more coverage.

Available in black and sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Pro tip: Keep in mind that over lap is okay with any of our trimmers. Some individuals may find that coverage varies for your personal body type and that’s okay! Using Sweet Sweat in any problem areas that you might be missing will help you get the most out of your workout!

No matter which Trimmer you choose, the most important thing is that you feel fearless and confident! There is nothing like having an extra boost of motivation going into a workout- your newest Waist Trimmer may be just the thing you need.

Follow @SweetSweat for more tips and fitness inspiration!

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