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Three Unexpected Benefits of Taking Krill Oil

There’s a chance you have come across our Krill Oil softgels and wondered to yourself, is this something I should take? Most of us grew up hearing, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, take your Vitamin C, and drink water.”  But not much was said about the importance of Krill or getting your daily Omega-3s. Today, we are breaking down three of the major benefits of Sports Research Krill Oil and why it might be something worth incorporating into your daily routine.

Krill Oil is a nutrient rich, feel good source that increases Omega-3 levels.

Sports Research Krill Oil made with Superba 2 holds the highest concentration of astaxanthin, choline, and phospholipids allowing for superior absorption. Let’s break down each of these components and explain their importance.

  • Phospholipids are tightly bound to Omega-3 fatty acids and are essential for all-around body health.
  • Choline is known as the VIP pass to the cells. It ensures EPA & DHA Fatty Acids enter into the cells easily & efficiently.
  • Astaxanthin protects the omega-3 phospholipid and choline. It also delivers antioxidant benefits.*

If you think about ALL the cells in our body, you want those cells to be healthy & functioning. Having more phospholipids and more Omega-3s leads to a healthier & better functioning cell. SR Krill Oil ensures superior transport, delivery & integration of Omega-3 EPA & DHA Fatty Acids into our cells, delivering benefits for your heart and entire body.

Krill Oil is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable.

  • Superba 2 Krill Oil is 100% Krill Oil – no hidden fish oil mix necessary.
  • Our Krill is sourced from Pristine Antarctic waters where they are the biggest and most nutrient dense in the world.
  • The MSC™ certified sustainable fishery that supplies our Krill uses something known as Eco Harvesting.
  • They utilize proprietary fishing technology that limits and reduces environmental impact, and also eliminates by-catch, which is a fancy word for all other fish that can get accidentally caught in the net during fishing.

Krill Oil is High Quality & Fully Certified.

Each and every batch of Krill Oil from catch to capsule can be traced exactly where it came from. You can check out Superba’s Traceability Tool HERE.

In addition to knowing exactly where your Krill is coming from, our product also holds the below certifications and guarantees:

  • made with Non-GMO ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • IKOS 5-Star certified
  • cGMP Compliant
  • 3rd Party Quality Tested

Environmentally friendly, the BEST ingredients, and total peace of mind about the supplements you are taking- what’s not to love?

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