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Summer Self-Care Guide

We only get about 90 days of summer. That’s 90 days of stronger sun, later sunsets, and ripe mangos. It’s a special time of year that calls for us all to slow down (no one is going fast in this heat anyway).

Here are some tips for how to practice self-care during summer

Switch up your skincare.

While the cold, windy, harsh winter climate is now well behind us (and the dry skin that came with it)—in its place arrives the dreaded irritation of summer sun.

Heat can impose confusing conditions upon your skin. On the one hand, high temperatures lead to more sweat and dehydration—leading to increasingly dry, irritated skin. On the other hand, sweat leads to more oil and faster cell turnover. As a result— breakouts.

Consider switching your skincare products to more summer-friendly alternatives. To reduce the impact of oil on your skin, lighter moisturizers and exfoliants are your friends.

Of course, don’t forget to drink water. Phytoceramides can help to support skin hydration and reduce signs of red or itchy skin. Collagen may be a great year-round skin supplement—but especially during summer months, consider  Collagen Beauty Complex with vitamins that could help defend against harsh summer irritants (in flavors that taste just like summer).

Protect yourself from the sun.

Longer days. Warmer weather. Summer is meant to be enjoyed outdoors—but please, protect yourself from the sun.

Wear sunscreen. Grab a hat (like these limited-edition Dad Caps). Take a break in the shade. Did I already mention wearing sunscreen?

Practice some self-massage techniques with oil.

Perhaps it’s the years of summer break that have conditioned me to believe that summertime is a time for relaxation—but now that I’m a full-blown adult, I’m always searching for ways to unwind during the summer months.

I’ve found that practicing self-massage techniques in the morning can put both my body and mind at ease. Because of its cooling properties, coconut oil tends to be better for summer massages (while almond oil is better for the wintertime due to its warming properties).

Take time off.

So, you may not get a designated summer break anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a summer vacation.

If able, take advantage of your PTO to book a vacation (or stay-cation), spend time outdoors, unplug, and unwind.

Switch up your workout routine.

The winter months are often spent by gym rats grinding away at an indoor gym, hiding from the elements.

Now that it’s summer—why not enjoy what the outdoors has to offer? Do yoga at the park, play tennis, swim laps at the pool, go for a hike, try paddleboarding, or even just take your workout outdoors.

Make sure to check out these tips for warm weather exercise before you head out.

This summer is all about you. Make sure to soak up every drop.

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