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8 Simple Moves You Can Do Right At Your Desk

Whether you’re going back to the office or still working from home, spending 8+ hours a day sitting can take its toll on your back, muscles and overall health. Many jobs require us to just sit all day and this last year hasn’t exactly made it easy to have perfect posture and keep your muscles engaged. Regular movement and stretching is SO effective for boosting your mood and productivity while lowering the stress and anxiety that may build as the day progresses. Pause for some highly deserved self care and try these easy moves to help you get the blood flowing.


Spinal Twist

8-10 seconds per side

Thigh Stretch
8-10 seconds per side

Wrist and Finger Stretch
10 seconds per side

Hip Abduction
10-15 reps

Chest Opener
10-12 seconds

Shoulder Abduction
10-15 reps

Standing Kickback
10-15 reps per side

Arm Stretch
8-10 seconds per side

In addition to these moves, it’s always great to take a walk. Whether it be outside or down the hallway, get your body moving!

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