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The Health and Fit Kit You Need Based on Your Daily Routine

The AM Kick Starter

The Wellness Boost: Collagen Peptides & Vitamin C Gummies

The Workout Essential: Jump Rope & Sweet Sweat

The Routine: Wake up early & pour a scoop of your favorite Collagen Peptides into coffee, tea, or a smoothie. Jumpstart your day with a tasty boost of antioxidant support, Vitamin C Gummies. Once you’ve had some time to wake up, lather on some Sweet Sweat and power through an energizing 30 minute jump rope session.

The Midday Reset

The Wellness Boost: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Daily Probiotics, L-Theanine & Caffeine softgels

The Workout Essential: Mini Loop Bands

The Routine: With a healthy lunch, take Daily Probiotics to keep your gut happy and balanced.* Before you get back to your day, take Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies to support your digestion.* In the afternoon you might start feeling fatigued or lethargic, maintain focused energy with L-Theanine & Caffeine.* Not only will this keep your mind engaged, but you can also engage your body with these 8 Simple Moves You Can Do Right At Your Desk.

The Wind Down

The Wellness Boost: Organic Turmeric Golden Milk, Biotin Softgels, L-Theanine Softgels

The Workout Essential: Sweet Sweat Yoga Mat

The Routine: As the day closes out, roll out your Yoga Mat and get into a flow for Better Sleep or sit & practice Beginner Meditation. Make a soothing latte of Golden Milk and embrace the blend of good-for-you spices. Revitalize your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out with a Biotin boost.* You know you’re in for a good night’s sleep when you have the help of L-Theanine, a dose of relaxation.*

Every day is a new day to optimize your health and wellness, having an easy-to-use kit is the first step in getting you there!

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