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Manifestation Techniques to Unearth Your Potential

Toned is inspired by the innate elements of the earth. Being connected with nature and yourself has become the centerfold for how we approach mental and physical health in 2021. The question remains: how do you set the tone so you can unearth your potential?

We’ve put together some manifestation techniques so you can give yourself the confidence and tools needed to reach your highest potential.

Let your Imagination Run Wild

Self-visualization – whether it be in your mind or through a vision board, finding a way to envision your goals is key to bringing those dreams to life. Find pictures and words that resonate with your goals to strengthen your commitment.

Eliminate Self-limiting Beliefs

Perseverance is key. Shake off any feelings of doubt or uncertainty because there is nothing more powerful than believing in yourself. Practice giving yourself permission to love yourself, even your flaws.

Establish a Positive Network

Finding a support system of like-minded individuals is a crucial tool in creating new habits to become a better you. Look around and focus on the people that bring you inspiration and happiness. Stay close to those that give you an extra nudge when you need it.

Stay Grounded with Gratitude Journaling

There’s something freeing about getting pent up emotions outside of your body and on a piece of paper. Remind yourself that there is so much to be grateful for and there is hope and promise ahead. Remember where you started and recognize how far you have come.

Manifestation is a Journey, Embrace every step of the way

There is no perfect tool or tactic for manifesting your utmost potential. Pave your journey by embracing the moments that feel good to you. Set the tone for what this time of your life should look like. The more you stay in tune with your goals the closer you will get to achieving them.

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