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Finding Calm while Flattening the Curve

Whether you are fortunate enough to WFH or you’re on the front lines during the day and hunkering down at night, our community is more united than ever in a shared mission to flatten the curve and help disarm the invisible enemy, formally known as COVID-19.

While we are all doing our best to conform to this new reality, it’s easy to feel moments of anxiety, fatigue, and letdown.  But have no fear, Sports Research is here!  Our team of wellness warriors is rallying together (from a distance) to support your health and fitness journey every step of the way.

Suggestions for slaying sloth-like sluggishness?  We have ‘em. Looking for tools to support your immune system? Got your back. Advice for fighting quarantine fever? 411 right here.

Without further ado, drumroll please, we present our go-to tips straight from SR Quarantine for maintaining good health while social distancing.


If there is a shining silver lining amidst the chaos surrounding coronavirus, it’s the plethora of free workout classes that have emerged from generous YouTubers, social media stars, and small businesses.  Our favorites include: Yoga with Adriene, @paigehathaway, and Active by Pop Sugar.  There’s never been an easier time to subscribe, sweat, and repeat.  Need to create an at-home gym kit?  Look no further.


Let’s face it, your calendar just went from ‘Aspiring Social Butterfly’ to ‘Loner, Loser, Complicated Wreck’ within the span of five days.  If you’ve found yourself twiddling your thumbs in between episodes of Love is Blind wondering what the meaning of life is, you’re not alone — but cut it out.  Quite possibly our best advice of the week is this: Create structure for your day that includes everything from 7am – Take a Shower, Susan to 2pm -Zoom Marketing Meeting and check off your list as you go.  You’ll find that incorporating a daily routine will provide a sense of stability and balance in your life when you need it most. You got this.


While it is more than okay to take any extra time gained this season to relax rather than hustle, this is a golden opportunity to reintroduce hobbies and learn new skills.  Move over pandemic, we’re learning how to brew kombucha and might even take up mantra meditation.  No matter what, be sure to partake in a hobby that sparks joy and allows you to take your mind off the stressors linked with living through uncertain times.


While you may not know what the future holds, you surely know at least five things to be grateful at this very moment.  Grab your notebook or open up the Notes app on your phone and jot down a few things, big or small, that you are thankful for today.  According to research by UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, reflecting on moments for which we’re thankful can significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction.  Ready, set, write.


Last but certainly not least, embrace self-care with a vengeance.  Face masks, movie nights, and bubble baths are great, but sometimes self-care is as simple as drinking a tall glass of water and giving your immune system a hug with a daily supplement.  No big deal, but our entire supplement collection is 25% off this weekend only.

Above all else, remember that you are not alone.  We are in this together.

Take Care,

The SR Fam

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