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Cold Weather Workout Tips

This article was written by Melissa Pelowski.

We may be based in Southern California, where we bundle up in the high 60s and drink iced coffee mid-December— but cold is relative, right? Whatever your zip code, survive your winter workouts with these cold weather tips!

1. Dress strategically.
We all have that trusty black cotton t-shirt we choose to wear instead of the expensive brand-name moisture wicking outfit we just had to have. It happens to the best of us. During the cold-weather months, however, it might be time to give that shirt some reprieve.

There are two reasons for this—the first is that cotton traps moisture. This causes it to stay wet and draw away heat. The more you sweat, the colder you become—and you’ll inevitably cut that workout short. Instead, opt for synthetic materials such as polypropylene that will wick away moisture. Compression gear—like our neon waist trimmers— can also help you stay insulated as you brave the elements.

You’ll also want to reconsider the “all-black” motif. Winter is notoriously dark, even during the day, which makes it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to see you. Luckily, erring on the side of caution doesn’t mean you have to dress like a giant caution sign. You can find great neon outfit inspo from our Sweet Sweat Ambassadors here!

2. Don’t skip your warmup (or cool-down).
I’ve always rolled my eyes at the thought of having to exercise before my exercise. But warming up before your winter workouts is especially important—it gives your muscles a head start against the cold and prevents premature stiffness.

Take five to 10 minutes performing dynamic stretches and some light cardio. This quick jump rope series is one of my favorite ways to supercharge my body before a run.

When you’re done, show your body some gratitude with static stretching, foam rolling, and a therapy gun massage.

3. Picture the Maldives.
If you’re desperately wishing for a warm fire mid-workout, employ the age-old advice—think of some place warm. Sure, imagining palm trees instead of Christmas trees and heat rays instead of icicles may seem ridiculous, but at least you’re no longer thinking about how dang cold it is.

For an added bonus: apply Sweet Sweat Tropical to help transport you to your beach island getaway.

4. Bolster your immune system.
As we close out Quarantine Week 1 Million, we’re well aware that we need to avoid sickness at all costs. Nevertheless, the gyms are still closed and we’re itching to get outside. Since winter season = flu season and cold season = well, cold season— make sure you’re getting enough rest, drinking enough fluids, wearing a mask around others, and getting the proper nutrients. Plus, check out our Immunity Bundle to turn up your daily immune support.

We hope these tips help you stay warm and inspired. Don’t forget to enjoy some homemade holiday cookies and email if you want to share your tips for how to stay motivated during winter and beyond!

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