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Beginner Meditation

Learning how to properly meditate without giving up after :05 seconds has been on the top of our ever-growing New Habits to Create in Quarantine list.  It only took us a few months, but we think we finally nailed it.  If you’re looking to find inner zen and discover the kind of glow that only meditation can provide, designate a sacred spot in your home and give our go-to Beginner Meditation a try with the audio and/or script below.  Namaste.

Hello and thank you for joining me for this brief meditation practice.


Find yourself in a comfortable position, either seated or lying down.


Softly close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath.


Allow any sound you hear to relax you even more. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.


Notice the feeling of the cool air flowing in through your nose, into your chest and down into your belly and now releasing that breath from your belly, up through your chest and slowly out through your mouth.


Allow your breath to gently flow through you like the ebb and flow of an ocean wave. Breathing in peace and exhaling any tension.


Envision your thoughts to be like writing in the sand and when a wave washes over them you can return to this place of calm and relaxation.


Imagine you are on a shaded bluff overlooking the ocean. It is very calm here and you have all the time in the world.


Feel the earth supporting your body and the warmth of the dappled sun on your skin.


Listen to the breeze gently rustling the leaves of a tree overhead and the distant waves softly breaking on the shore.


There is nowhere else you need to be.


Returning to your breath.


Allowing your breath to fill your body like the swell of a cresting wave and releasing that breath as the wave gently washes over the shore.


Inhaling fresh, vital energy. Exhaling stale, stressful energy.


In your own time, slowly bring your awareness back to where you are. Thank yourself for this brief moment of pause and for making yourself a priority. And when you’re ready slowly flutter your eyes open and enjoy your day.


Special thanks to our in-house designer and yogi, Natalie, for guiding us through this meditation.
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