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4 Ways you can Celebrate Galentine’s Day All Month Long

Gorgeous gorgeous girls, love Galentine’s day. Celebrating your besties shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Our closest friends are our chosen family. They support you, share interests with you, and uplift your confidence. Hence, we’re starting a movement that Galentine’s should be a month-long celebration because- why not?!

Below we’ve listed a few ways to get festive with your besties this month!


Don’t you love having a best friend that you can turn to and just know they’re on the same wavelength as you? Whether you’re both in the mood for tacos or binge-watching Sex and the City, you just get eachother.

Sync up with your bestie with a partner workout- we love the Galentine’s partner workout below or this Jenna Willis’ Hip Bands full-body workout. We’ve even got the soundtrack to get you in formation.

Have a Self-Care Day

If we could all see ourselves through the eyes of our best friend, the world would be a better place. Celebrate your individual beauty and glow from the inside out with a self care day. These Matcha face masks and Happiness Hacks for Self Care are the perfect tools to get you started.

Do some Retail Therapy

Nothing heals the soul like some good retail therapy. There’s something about getting a fresh set that just feels empowering. You and your galentine can match with the latest Sweet Sweat accessories – coordinate your Dad Caps and Crew Socks for your next coffee run or pilates class.

Host a Brunch

Everyone loves brunch, especially for festive occasions. Upgrade your Galentine’s brunch by making a V-Day Charcuterie board, we’ve got the staple recipes covered: Collagen Waffles, Fluffy eggs, and Pink Beet Lattes. What more could you ask for?!

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