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3rd Week of My Vegan Journey & our Vegan Taste Test Challenge Video

It’s my third week of being vegan and I have to say, I think I may be getting the hang of this plant-based lifestyle. I used to dread what I was going to cook each night, now I have genuine excitement for cooking vegan recipes. Each day, the vegan lifestyle has become easier and I’ve been feeling pretty great. My body has definitely adjusted to plant-based intake. I experience way less bloating and I no longer feel like everything I eat is going straight through me. The craziest part: I never crave meat and I rarely crave dairy. Each day I feel less temptation toward animal products and it’s pretty wild.

It took me three weeks, but I finally tried a fast-food vegan alternative. I don’t eat fast food often, but one of my favorite chains is Del Taco. I know this is controversial, but I will always be a die-hard Del Taco fan (sorry, not sorry). One night I had a super long day at work and was heading straight to an event so I had zero time to eat. I decided this was the night, I am going to try the Beyond Burrito from Del Taco. I was starving so I decided to go big and get the Epic Beyond Cali Burrito without cheese and sour cream. I was going to a friend’s baseball game and I couldn’t wait to devour it.

Well… it was pretty awful. I don’t know if it was because I got it in burrito form with all of the fixings or maybe because I haven’t had beef in a really long time but I was not loving it. The flavor really disgusted me and I immediately felt gross. I only had a few bites and I knew if I ate any more, my stomach would suffer. I really tried you guys, but I just couldn’t do it. I ended up eating half a bag of Oreos which I am not proud of, but I couldn’t help myself (PSA: I found out this week that Oreos are vegan and I’ve never been so excited).

Look, I know plenty of people that love the Beyond tacos and burritos. So this is solely my opinion. And keep in mind, I am a person that doesn’t eat fast food often. My typical order from Del Taco is grilled chicken tacos so this isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. Overall, I think it’s so great that fast-food chains are implementing vegan alternatives into their menu. The hardest part of being vegan is losing that convenience factor, having these options is a huge help. I am happy I waited to try fast-food vegan alternatives because if I had this experience early on I would’ve had a more difficult time throughout. I didn’t let this experience deter me, in fact, I spent the week trying lots of vegan alternatives! I tried vegan meat and cheese alternatives, as well as a vegan ranch dip, queso, yogurt and ice cream.

I think it can be really fun to try vegan alternatives, so I decided to bring my experiment to the office and get my coworkers to try it too. I whipped up some tacos and grilled cheese using vegan cheeses and meats and asked my coworkers to pick their favorites. Check out the video below to see their hilarious reactions and review of 6 different vegan products!

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