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3 Tools for Deep Muscle Massage

One of the most crucial parts of recovery is the phase of relieving tension or soreness in your muscles. Unfortunately, a lot of us skip this step. Massages can be pricy and a lot of us don’t have the time or finances to get a professional recovery sesh on a weekly basis. We have a few tools that will get you the massage therapy you need, without all of the hassle. The best part? You can do these at home or wherever your wellness routine takes you.

Therapy Gun

Perfect for: on-the go-massage, targeting small & specific areas

Recommended areas: calves, thighs, & hamstrings (flat head); shoulders & neck (fork head)

Say hello to your own personal massage therapist that you can take anywhere. Learn the magic of releasing muscle tension in minutes with the Sweet Sweat Therapy Gun. Select the appropriate head based on what area you want to target. Glide the therapy gun slowly along the muscle. Spend extra time on areas with tension and be careful not to apply too much pressure. Start with the lowest setting and work your way up to higher settings if needed. Continue to breathe as you feel the relief.

We love sipping on SR Post Sweat during a massage therapy session to give you the full recovery experience you need. 

Stability Ball

Perfect for: targeting large muscle groups

Recommended area: stomach and lower/upper back

The Stability Ball we use for core workouts and exercise doubles as a tool for total body massage. The Stability ball can be used as a vehicle for alleviating sore muscles and stress on the back. Place the sphere on a hard floor and roll an area of your body over the ball. Focus on breathing and relaxing. It’s so comfy and soothing you may just want to take a nap? We don’t judge.

Yoga Mat

Perfect for: at home massage on a budget

Recommended area: neck, upper/lower back, & hips

Did you know there are yoga poses that actually feel like a massage? Now you do. Grab your yoga mat for a cheap and peaceful way to soothe the body and relax the muscles. We recommend grabbing Sweet Sweat for this one as it aids with recovery and will help in smoothing out the skin for massage movement.  Here are a few pose recommendations to get you started.

  • Cat & cow pose – improves spinal flexibility and relieves lower back tension.
  • Standing forward fold / Rag Doll pose – ease lower back tension and loosen the hamstrings
  • Downward facing dog – lengthen the entire backside of the body
  • Sleeping pigeon pose – massage the hips and glutes
  • Child’s pose – stretches the hips, thighs and ankles ; relieves back and neck pain

There is no need to rush through these poses, just flow easily and naturally with the breath. Take as long as you need with each pose and be mindful of your body’s needs.

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